Why switch to SpamVault?

If you’re like most companies, you probably already have an existing email security solution in place. So why choose and make the switch to SpamVault? One of the main reasons is that SpamVault values our clients. We work closely with our clients to provide the necessary assistance during and after the transition. This ultimately will provide a quick, easy, and seamless process for our clients.

We set our standards high. What to expect:

1) Our Commitment to Client Support

SpamVault provides our clients with industry-leading service and support. One of the many things that set us apart is how easy it is to contact us. When you call or email us, you will always talk to a live client support representative. We are here to support you 24x7x365.

  • Telephone: 855-SPAMVLT (855-722-6858)
  • Email: support@spamvault.net
  • Support Form: Support Form.
  • Online Chat

2) We Are The Experts

We know what we are doing and we’ve got the goods to back it up! Our engineers are trained experts and they have the necessary skill sets to provide the support you need. Our extensive knowledge and experience have given us the know-how to customize and recommend the right solutions for your enterprise.

3) Comprehensive Protection

Have peace of mind that your emails are protected from spamming, spoofing, phishing, viruses, and other high security issues with Spam Protect. In additional, our SpamVault MX Backup service delivers the redundancy your business needs in the event your mail server is down. Our comprehensive protection and backup offers comprehensive benefits for everyone.

  • Enterprise Level - Enterprise standard configurations can be applied to safeguard your email infrastructure from a high level protection.
  • End User Level - End users have the ability to apply customization to their own mailboxes for further flexibility.
  • Administrative Level - Easy to use management portals are ideal for a minimal maintenance requirement while automated reports are ideal for administrative visibility and control.
  • Spam Filter
  • Virus Filter
  • Policy Controls
  • End User Access
  • Admin Access & Reporting
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