SpamVault Features

Delivered as a comprehensive, feature-rich email protection solution, SpamVault Protect is easy to deploy, use and manage end-to-end. Extensive security policies for enterprise standard settings can be configured along with the flexibility of customizing per-user mailbox preferences.

Comprehensive Protection

  • Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Prevent Spoofing, Phishing and Malware
  • Denial of Service Protection
  • Directory Harvest Protection
  • Cloud Protection Layer

Spam Filter

  • Rate Control
  • IP Reputation Analysis
  • Fingerprint and Image Analysis
  • Rules-Based Scoring Algorithms
  • Anti-Fraud Intelligence

Sender Authentication

  • SPF and Domain Keys
  • Emailreg.orgs
  • Invalid Bounce Suppresion

End-User Features

  • User-Based Filtering
  • Individual Spam Scoring
  • Personal Allow and Block Lists
  • End User Quarantine and Digest Emails
  • Outlook Integration

Advanced Policy Control

  • IP and Contect-Based Filtering
  • Content Encryption
  • Sender/Recipient Filtering
  • RBL and DNSBL Support
  • Keyword/Character set Blocking
  • Reverse DNS Blocking
  • URL Pattern and Category Blocking
  • TLS Encryption Policy

Virus Filter

  • Triple-Layer Virus Blocking
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Decompression of Archives
  • File Type Blocking
  • Anti-virus Supercomputing Grid

System Administrators

  • Web-Based Interface
  • User Account Administration
  • Report, Graphs, Statistics
  • LDAP Interface
  • Secure Remote Administration
  • Email Spooling

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