Spam Protect Benefits

As an enterprise executive, your main focus should be your core business initiatives. The last thing you should worry about is if your email system is being compromised. We have identified some key benefits using SpamVault’s Spam Protection solution.

Top 5 Benefits

Comprehensive Email Protection - Have peace of mind that your emails are protected from spamming, spoofing, phishing, viruses, and other high security issues. We filter all potentially dangerous emails and only pass through the ones you have approved.

Increase Employee Productivity - Don’t waste your employees’ precious time to go through useless and distracting emails. Only allow legitimate and productive emails so your employees can stay more focused.

Affordable and Scalable - Our pricing structure is extremely competitive in the industry and is designed to grow as your enterprise grows.

Minimize IT Support - By eliminating the support nightmare of email spamming issues, your IT/helpdesk staff can work on high priority tasks and projects. Creating new mailboxes, managing existing mailboxes, and generating reports through SpamVault’s Management Portal is easy and quick.

Redundancy & Redundancy - With SpamVault’s distributed cloud architecture, we are able to allow for more redundancy in the event of an unexpected outage. Your email protection will continue to work as designed without any interruption.

  • Spam Filter
  • Virus Filter
  • Policy Controls
  • End User Access
  • Admin Access & Reporting
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